Friday, June 10, 2005

Blog's Birthday (...and PPS Birthday, and Mid Valley Meet...)

Make yourself a cup of coffee and have it while reading this. When started tracking this blog on April 8th, the blog was already one year and eleven months into business. 1238 visits and 2001 page views have been tracked so far, not counting the visits and page views before April 8th.

Without even realising it, this blog is now two years and one month old. That is quite long, considering that most of the famous blogs out there are younger than this one ;) To make it simpler: three years. That is how long I have been exposed to blogs, I remember among the first one I read is Dr. Liew's before he moved to the present domain.

Speaking of birthdays, Project Petaling Street is also celebrating it's second anniversary come 23 June. If you are a member, interested in attending but haven't confirmed it yet, please make sure to confirm it before 21 June here. Also not forgetting the Pre-PPS Bash Blogger Meet Up this coming Sunday at Mid-Valley Megamall. A slogan I think good for it is 'Just Go'. Details are over at Peter Tan's (above link).

To those attending these meets, I send my regards to all of you. I couldn't make it.

Speaking of bloggers meet, the last one held in Kuching was on the 7th of May last year. Maybe I missed a meet held recently, but perhaps it is time for another one. After all, the number of bloggers have increased somewhat.

Weather: Thunderstorm in the evening, slight rain at night. I can hear the rumble of thunder in the distance. Whether it rains again this night depends on the weather.

Link: Kuching Bloggers Meet


mystic said...

Hi, sort of stumbled upon ur blog. U r from kuching? Me too but had been based in KL for the longest time already :)

Peter said...


Lucia Lai said...

there is also a penang bloggers meet coming up during the international webloggers day on 14 june. hope you don't mind i post about it here for the publicity. thanks!
details here:
penang bloggers meet

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Greetings mystic!

What's with the funny face, peter?

That's fine with me Lucia.

Kenny Sia said...

There wasn't one held in Kuching lately! ARGHHH!!!

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Kenny, I share your pain. WARGGHHHH!!!