Saturday, June 25, 2005

Wanderings in Kuching

The General Post Office. Reminds you of the Parthenon, right? Corinthian colums in the facade. In the background is the Merdeka Palace Hotel.

A cemetary. It is so old that only the hardy crosses remained. Others had fallen and rotted away. No flowers to be laid there anymore, since the one that can remember those who are buried are not living anymore.

An old bicycle. Note the even older-styled handbrakes.

The owner, as antique as his bike.

The original Sarawak Museum ('Old Wing')

"I'm lost."

"Why does my map don't match this one?! Damn amateurs!"

"Take one more picture and I'll whack you silly with my umbrella. Or with the carved column, choose either one."


mystic said...


Happen to stumble upon ur blog in PPS. Nice pics, brings back so much memories of home (i.e. Kuching):)

Jason said...

i have been to the museum. wanna see my picture? LOL

Simon said...

goodp pix, keep em coming!

fred said...

you sure have nothing else to do eh?
nice pic.

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

G'day Mystic. Visiting your home regularly?

Jason, heh heh heh...why not?

Simon, thanks. Too bad there's no alien pictures though.

fred, I'd love to go to Sarawak Plaza walk but looking at my coffers I would have to say no.