Monday, June 27, 2005

The Matchmaker

Throughout my secondary school year, I have encountered many people in relationships. You name it, I've seen it: stormy, lovey-dovey, the obscene, constructing castles in the sky, fumbling when people stumbled upon them, love today hate tomorrow love again today, cat fights...

Ah, life.

And through it all I play a role that seems most unsuitable for a man: the matchmaker. To clarify, I rarely introduce two people together. Instead I help mend the relationship with patches here and there. If something is going to make them happy, I'm willing to do it. They share their secrets with me and I don't go around yelling that the king have donkey ears. The secrets are safe with me.

In one case, I helped to jumpstart a relationship. The boy know the girl (they are in the same club) and the flammable stuff are already there. A few simple tasks like making a fake ID (school, not national) and printing the girl's picture at a photo shop generates the needed sparks. I am happy for them. At the same time, I slide deeper into depression.

I am the matchmaker. And the matchmaker is lonely.

Leave me alone while I listen to Spandau Ballet's Trough the Barricades.


cynical-idealist said...

If you're the matchmaker, I feel like the marriage counsellor at times. :(

Owell, hopefully all the experience you garner through matchmaking will make sure you bag a good catch when you finally do get attached.

irene said...

Have you ever wondered, I'm so nice and caring and kind, and people know I'm so nice and caring and kind, and yet how come I still have nobody? Yeah, I have those kinda thoughts all the time... Like you're always trying your best to help people but somehow you yourself gets left out in the end :(

People keep telling me to hang on and that it will come in time. I say the guy probably got lost on the way coz he refused to ask for directions :P

fred said...

maybe someday you can help me to spark something with someone..

BJ said...

we share the same fate....the curse of the matchmakers

Jason said...

Then I might need your service. :)


NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

A good catch, eh? More like maintaining a stable relationship!

In your case, Irene, it's Nice Girl syndrome.

And when that day come fred, you can rest assured that I'll be there in three hours time ;)

Aye, a curse. Was it a king, bj, who curse us matchmakers?

Pay me an air ticket to Malacca first, Jason!