Monday, June 06, 2005

I Have No Need For A Car/Bike/Phone

I don't like to ask my parents to buy me things. Maybe it's because they often turn the request down, but for most of the part it is due to financial constraints. Outsiders took one glance at our family and said that we are rich, but the reality is of course, different. I did and will not ask my parents to buy me a hand phone, a motorcycle, a car or new clothings (I don't wear branded goods, and most of my cloths saw a lot of use)

Why so? Isn't a motorcycle, hand phone or car important? A transport to the school, and further on, university? A telecommunication tool with friends, is that not important? These are the questions that are often asked, and I will answer them.

I have no need for a car or a motorcycle. My family already have two cars; a Perdana V6 and an Iswara. My mother sends me and my sister to school every morning and fetch us in the afternoon. If my sister have class in the evening, she will send and fetch her. If I have class, I'll drive myself. Now, why don't I ask for a transport? My reasoning is: I'm not the one that pay for the fuel, therefore I should not be driving it. My friends, whose parents let them have cars and motorcycles, they went everywhere without giving a consideration on who will be paying the energy used. Will their pockets hurt? No, they're not paying, their parents will. And when there's an accident, who will take care of the car/motorcycle? Their parents. And the teenagers will drive to their liking. Why worry? Anything happens, parents pay mah!

As for telecommunication, it might suprise you that I share my hand phone with my mother. One number, two people. I don't take my phone to school since it is illegal to do so, and the loss of a phone will hurt, very much so. As usual, my friends tend to show off their newer and classier handphones, with things they don't even use like EDGE, MMS and henceforth. Me, I'm content with my (our) 3310. And the issue of funding again rises. Who will pay the bills (if they use postpaid) or who will pay the cards (if they use prepaid)? As prepaids are more popular, I will take that for an example. Parents are supposed to give quotas to their children, instead whenever a friend of mine run out of credits he can just ask his parents for a reload. And the prepaid model; you are paying for things that you that you are not sure to use yet. The phones? Just ask the parents, they will buy!

So ends my rant. If you are giving too much to your children right now, they might become laid back in the future, waiting for opportunities to drop in their lap instead of searching for it. Can your children feel the financial difficulties you're having? I had.

As Will Smith said, "Too many people spend money they don't have, to buy things they don't need, to impress people they don't like."


mamat said...

As much as I appreciate your not needing a car/bike/phone, I can''t help to note that you didn't notice that there are people who have need for those that you already had, via your parents.

It is excellent that you appreciate the truth about hard-earned money. May you be a wise person in the future, by the looks of it, you are already quite a bright person.

I wished for cheap, efficient public transport as well as the cheapest possible forms of communication and information retrival!

fred said...

agree with you bro.

vehicle: well I own two motorcycles. :) One at home and one at my Uni. And yes.. my parent bought it for me. the reason is for study purpose. but I will never opt for a car at this moment.

handphone: well I never bought one because I found one. I found a Nokia 8250 near my house :) and been using it since 2002. Heck... reload is also by parents..
But I always wonder why people need to change HP everytime a new model come.

Sound spoiled?

yes maybe. but my parents will do anything possible for my study. and up until now I never dissapoint them.


NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Dear mamat and fred,

Thank you for commenting. No, I haven't forgotten about those in need. I find it rather amusing that some of them get scholarships and splurge it on hand phones!

Having a vehicle for yourself is fine, as long as you restrict the usage as not to waste the money spent on fuel. Good thing that you are doing well in your studies, fred.

Yeah, I would be more outgoing if not for the public transport system. While everyone and their grandmother know which bus serve a certain route, nobody knows the other routes! Transport companies should make maps of the routes (like LRT and komuter)

fred said...

u r welcome bro,
keep on posting..