Thursday, June 09, 2005

Google Adsense Filtering

Earning anything with Adsense yet? You might have, but the amout is very low compared to other Adsense powerhouses out there. What's wrong? The most common problem is that the ad is not targeting the right audience. Most of the blogs with Adsense that I visted have blog-related ads - since most of the audience already have a blog, the point is moot.

But how to get around this problem? One way is through Adsense URL filtering. By using this tool, you can filter all the unwanted ads from displaying on your site. Google has a guide on how to do this. Meanwhile, Shaolin Tiger has compiled a list of URLs that can be filtered out. So if you know any more to add to the list, comment on his post there.

For beginner's info on Adsense URL filtering, check out LiewCF's guide.

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