Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Strange and Weird Search Words

While taking a look at my blog's sitemeter, I noticed a few links coming in from Yahoo! and Google. Though I did not pay for Sitemeter's search words function, analysing the url usually yields the words. Here are a few:

NSDS3: Whoever searched for this must be a stalker. Yeah. A stalker.

Assalamualaikum Blogspot: It seems the only logical response should be 'Waalaikumsalam Blogger!'

The Colonel's Diary: If you are looking for the Civil War book, it's the other branch of the fork on the yellow brick road.

Askar wataniah: I'm interested. Any recruiters?

MUET Malaysia: I will help the souls looking for more information on this one. Though I must say, I'm not the Ministry of Education's information booth or something.

LAPTOP keyBoARd PRobLEM: While some might find the information here useful, most don't. My only advice regarding the FN key is to not touch it for a few days.

And the cream of all...

Mona Fandey: According to Simon, "...Mona Fandey did not get executed. She’s living under a witness protection programme as a karipap seller somewhere in Temerloh..." End of story.


Simon said...

i swear i saw mona fandey in temerloh! :p

fred said...

hm..and Mona Fandey sell watermelon in Sarikei now.LOL