Thursday, June 09, 2005

Thoughts and Whatever

Proton Sassy came out. So did Myvi. Google hit 80 billion mark. Flood in China. Iraq as usual. EU constitution got rejected by the Dutch and French. Posts on rascism and bias are flying around the blogging community.

I'm tired and bored. School's starting next week, and I haven't done any revisions at all. Still in Gawai mood. Living in Kuching is fun, but I think I need to go out more often. If only my peers aren't such jackasses... I think I'm better off with people in their 30s. Strange, isn't it? Suddenly there's a lot of things to talk about rather than the latest songs, phones, motorcycles and whatever. I rather talk about politics, the economy, hear the experiences of the veterans; all this stuff.

My best friend is my uncle, who turned 37 this year. He's still single, for those who are interested and lives comfortably with a RM 60k income per year, more or less. We've talked on a lot of things, especially the military. He's in the reserves, with the rank of 2nd. lieutenant. Think I'll go and join the ROTC if I enrol in a local university later on. Have to get good results in STPM, but good results doesn't gurantee anything.

I shall concentrate on making money and enjoying what I've earned rather than wait 30 years which is too late to do anything, since at that age most people are usually not in good health anymore. A big bike, a powerful car. Everyone dreams of having one, right? Unfortunately, most can't live their dream.

A wife is a must. I have a few candidates, but people often say high-school romance doesn't work out. But for me, I'll be studying my ass off in university, and I'll be too busy working to find a suitable life partner. I am seriously considering of adopting a child, but having no income, no tertiary education makes the prospect of having an adopted child hazy somewhat. For your information, I'll be turning 19 this November.

I'll just have to kick myself in the ass to get started working really hard to the future. Failing here doesn't mean failing forever, but it sure makes the road to success a hell lot of easier.


cynical-idealist said...

You seem very focused on what you want to do. I think that's great for people so young, because we don't end up wasting our lives.

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Heh, thanks.

fred said...

wah.. colonel.. you sure look further than me..
everyone want a powerful car.. sadly we are not that rich..

Uni is a great place to find your romance. just try to balance everything.. and never overdone anything :)

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Balancing is hard fred. Can be done, but not easy.