Sunday, June 26, 2005

Stalking Meeting a Blogger

Sometime in the past week, the Abwehr informed me that they have located her seat.

The game is afoot!

I decided to go on reconnaissance myself. And I did not came out empty-handed, since I now know that the 'A' in her name does not stand for her father's, instead it is hers.

D-day was set on shit I forgot sometime between 21 and 24 June. School was about to end and I loitered around her class, scanning every girl's name tags. People think I am a pervert. I am. After what seemed an endless number of girls passing by, someone walked out of the classroom. Scan. Zing!

"Do you know me?"
A pause. "No."
"Oh, hi!"
We went our seperate ways.

What do you expect? Some romance story? Blogger's meet there and then? Naaah.

Life goes on.

4 comments: said...

cess... hoping you to do something..

Anonymous said...

wah stalker =p
a shy shy stalker


kiasi said...

Just lidat? Aiyohh.... how to likat perempuan if lidat?

NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Hu hu hu, I'm a shy guy with a history of two rejections and two bird having flown away...