Sunday, June 05, 2005


Arrrrgggghhhh! Pain on right side of the head, behind the eyes. Mom and dad have it too, but for me the symptoms started showing at the age of 17. It haven't been diagnosed yet as my attacks are usually short and not enough to warrant a visit to the clinic. I just take paracetamol and sleep, hoping it will go away. It usually does.

Perhaps I need to cut down on my Nescafe and Coke intake. I drink these stuff like, three times a day. I sleep late, wake up late. And it feels like someone is hammering the side of my head. Not as bad as my father, who needs to be in a quite, darkened room or else his migraine will be bigger and badder.

Right now I'm pressing the side of my head against the wall.

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Myheadache said...

I have experienced migraines for most of my life until recently. I have found that keeping a food diary is essential to becoming migraine free. For me aspartame(Nutra Sweet) and MSG were the biggest culprits: Aspartame is easy to eliminate, but MSG is in alot of things, namely seasoned fries, canned and jar gravies, etc. Read lables and Learn what affects you by keeping a food diary! It can eliminate most or all of your migraines. I had to give up hot dogs and Ragu, too! But I'd give up anything if it meant no more migraines...wouldn't you?